Facilities Info:

Within Karaka Learning Centre's 2.89ha you will immediately notice when you come in.  We pride ourselves on priding large spaces for children to develop and learn in.  There is so much to see and do here, invest in your child's future at a world class facility.  Come in and decide for yourself. 

The centre strives to give as much "grassed" area as possible so that children can feel it each day they attend. All centres exceed the MOE recommendations for minimum external area. (some by 300%) In addition there is a large common area that three of the centres adjoin so that it is easy for them to further extend their play area to play running games or have a multitude of different uses.

We have tried not to make any "fixed structures" within the common area so that it can remain versatile. (Christmas Party for over 300 children) Most visitors that come immediately say "I never realized how big it is, so much room".  We have four paddocks that we use for rotational grazing. Karaka has a wonderful feel about it. 

The most prized building is the 20 x10 metre pool house. The pools are heated both by solar panels on the roof and a heat pump. The pool is additionally covered by an removable cover that seals off the pool surface.

Parents are welcome to come and visit. Please phone the office and we can make someone available to show you around.

We are also proud to offer an environment where children have the opportunity to have close encounters with a variety of farm animals on our property.

Karaka Learning Centre occupies a large safe 2.85 hectare site situated in beautiful semi-rural Karaka with easy access to Auckland's Motorway.

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