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Bring your child along to 'Learn to Love to Learn' with us

Karaka Learning Centre - Timaru or 03-971-5194 (021 409-328)

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We are also proud to offer an environment where children have the opportunity to have close encounters with a variety of farm animals on our property.


Karaka Learning Centre occupies a large safe 2.85 hectare site situated in beautiful semi-rural Karaka with easy access to the Motorway.



Learn to love to learn...  

The Karaka Learning Centre has its own philosophy in educational priorities: Learn to love to learn
and all within an environment that encourages holistic development, self esteem, confidence, independence, that will prepare children for school and life.

Karaka Learning Centre has been open since 1986.

‘I’ve discovered that you can stimulate and accelerate the learning experience for young children even as early as three months!
Karaka evolved as a result of our own experience with our children and the same passion we now invest in the lives of many children whose parents allow us this privilege.’  David Wright (Owner).

The uniqueness of the Karaka centre and the excellent services of our well trained staff, contributes to your child being well prepared to love to learn.

1. Karaka’s centre’s play areas are all well in access of ministry requirements.
2. The children’s encounter with animals give them confidence.
3. The large internal pool area and daily swimming activities provides extraordinary facilities.
4. Stable and well trained staff.

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