Frequently Asked Questions...  

1. Are we open on Public Holidays? 

No. You will still be charged for those days if you are booked.

2. Is there an enrolment fee?

Yes,a one time Enrolment fee is required of $50.

3. What hours are you open?

We provide centres that operate between 7.30 am and 5 pm. If you require hours outside of these hours see the office and a private arrangement may be offered to you.

4. Do you have a minimum attendance?

Presently there is a minimum of two days.

5. What happens if I am late picking up a child?

We impose a $40 per 1/4 hr late fee followed by a request to change your pickup time to 1/2 hr before closing.

6. What are the main benefits that  Karaka Learning Centre offers over other centres?

We have had the same Owner since it has opened, in 1986. We have a covered heated swimming pool.  We offer one of the best School Readiness programmes in NZ.  KLC also has farm animals and large grass areas for children to explore.  We have a community centre for families and the community to use.  Owning our very own bus to get children out and about.  Fees are very affordable .  Karaka Learning Centre families can hire our facilities for birthday parties.  We offer  large areas for children to grow and learn, in comparison to any other Centre in Auckland.  Come in and see for yourself.

7. How is payment made? 

All payments are made  via Automatic Payments or Billpay with your bank.

8. What if I pay too much with my APs? 

The centre will reimburse you the following day or allow you to have a credit that you can use if you require an extra day.

9. Can we pay by EFTPOS? 

No all payments are by APs or Billpay. Cheques may be used to make up the difference at the end of the month.

10. What age can my child go swimming?

Children can go swimming if they are fully toilet trained.

11. Can we get additional swimming lessons at the Centre?

Additional private lessons are available (at a reasonable cost). Just ask at the office.

12. Do you provide lunches?

No lunches or morning teas are provided except in C3 (Babies Centre).

13. When can I see the teacher if I have a concern?

Teachers and Supervisors are available at all times however two nights a year is set aside for parents to meet on a formal basis to discuss their child's progress.

14. What do you advise a new parent to do if they are considering taking their child to a childcare centre?

We advise you to go when it is raining, hot or late in the day when the Centres are not expecting you. Come unannounced so that you can "feel" the atmosphere. Our advice is that your "motherly" instincts will tell you if the Centre is right for your child. Look for busy kids and "listen" to the noise. Busy noise is a pleasure to hear..... noise because children are bored or frustrated will sound totally different and uncomfortable to the ear. Go on gut feelings..... and if in doubt re visit. You must feel comfortable. Look for that shy child. Is that child able to have an area or place to play? Watch the staff and see if they are observant and interact with children. Are there plenty of activities for children to quickly change and play with? Listen to how they speak to the children. Listen when they are not expecting you to listen. Talk to the cleaner.... (where possible) Watch the body language when they  give you answers. Watch the gate as new children arrive. Look for happy kids running to get into the Centre and how they greet and the response teachers give the child. Go several times and at different times. Don't just go there because it is closer. This is a most important decision that you will make towards your child's future. Choose carefully. If you have a query who can you ask? Does that person speak with authority?


We are also proud to offer an environment where children have the opportunity to have close encounters with a variety of farm animals on our property.

Karaka Learning Centre occupies a large safe 2.85 hectare site situated in beautiful semi-rural Karaka with easy access to Auckland's Motorway.

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