Find out more about our many Learning Centre's to determine which Centre fits your child best...


Centre 1

Karaka Learning Tuition Centre (School aged children)

More info to come



Centre 2

3 years- 6years

This Centre concentrates on accelerated learning


Centre 3 (babies)

3 months-2.5 years 

Centre 3's main priority is that of nurturing and ensuring that children and parents feel comfortable being there.  This centre is rich with experienced...



Centre 4

3 years-6 years

Concentrate more on a structured academic morning programme involving reading, writing and maths.  The afternoon is based on childrens interests and they are able to freely choose...



Centre 5

2 years - 3.5 years

This centre transitions children from infant to toddler.



Centre 6

3 years - 6 years

Centre Six provides preschoolers (3 & 4 year olds) with an intense learning environment for a...



Temuka Centre

“Best Little Preschool in the South”...

We are also proud to offer an environment where children have the opportunity to have close encounters with a variety of farm animals on our property.

Karaka Learning Centre occupies a large safe 2.85 hectare site situated in beautiful semi-rural Karaka with easy access to Auckland's Motorway.

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